Call for Papers

Abstracts are invited for oral presentations (20 min + 10 min) and posters on any topic related to the structure of nominals or how nominals interface with other linguistic modules. Anonymous abstracts must fit onto two A4 or 8.5×11 pages with 11 point Times New Roman font. Examples should be interleaved with the text rather than gathered at the end of the abstract. References may appear on or spill over to a third page, if necessary, but all other text and examples must appear on the first two pages. As references may spill over to a third page, please include all references rather than listing a subset of references. The author’s name may be associated with at most two abstracts, of which at most one may be singly authored.

Abstracts can be sent through Easy Abs at the following address: The deadline is June 25th, 2018. (Extended!!)